Small Courtyard Gardens 2014

Small Gardens, Amidst the Asphalt and Pollution

Small courtyard gardens – Enlighten a green paradise on a shady patio or balcony seems Utopian. But it is doable. These gardens have sprouted in urban outdoor and walked a few meters at odds with the nature or the sun. Redesigned with wit and new codes have traded cement and pollution by green, light and water. Now are small oasis in the middle of the city, I’ve scoured landscape looking […]

hello kitty room decor

Hello Kitty for decorating children’s rooms

Hello Kitty room decor – The Hello Kitty cat has been is and will be surely one of the most desired of all the girls in the world. The first design of this funny character was made by Japanese company Shimizu for Sanrio, but later actualization their lines and Yuko Yamaguchi was proclaimed in official designer. The first product launched was a bag of vinyl in Japan in 1974, reaching […]

dining room lighting ideas

How to Decorate Dining Room with Inexpensive Cost

How to decorate dining room can actually be easy to do within reasonable cost in making dining area look good and functional. When it comes to dining room decorating ideas, there are different things which can be applied such as table sets, rugs, chairs, lighting, ceiling fan and window treatments. In decorating dining room, it does not need to be costly and complicated since you can easily achieve fine result […]

just hello kitty bedroom

How to Decorate a Room of Hello Kitty

Just hello kitty bedroom – The Carton of Hello Kitty that has set trends in past generation until today, this figure of cat with red ribbon is favorite for all girls. Although, when your daughter asks you to decorate your room with the Hello Kitty theme, do not worry in Decors Illuminate we give you some tips for you to please them. First of all, you must choose a paint […]

Stainless Steel Tile Backsplash

Stainless Steel Backsplash Ideas Kitchen

Stainless steel backsplash ideas kitchen are widely available in different ways which provide references to design backsplash with stainless steel material. Beautiful kitchens can be designed with simple but effective methods which can be implemented according to sense of style and requirement within your purchasing power. All of kitchen portions should be constructed in harmonious design to each others well in order to be significant in creating beauty and attractive […]

French country design of home

How to Design French Country Home Décor

French country home décor is included into most popular interior design styles in the whole world which has origin theme of southern France scenic village. Its design has luxurious appearance in bringing out warming and inviting atmosphere into spaces of house. It has simplicity with casual appearance which is something taken for granted that will do great in providing welcoming and comforting value. In French country design of home, natural […]